Sunday, December 2, 2012

Home Remedies to Stop Lactation

Being a new mom is very exciting. Once you have gone through the infant stage of your newborn, they will start gaining a personality of their own. They may start crawling, babbling and watching your movements. However, at some point your baby will begin growing up, and need different kinds of support. For example, they may need to change over to baby formula or baby food instead of drinking your milk. If you need to stop lactation, try these home remedies.

Stop Feeding

Well, not really! Of course you need to keep feeding your baby. However, stop feeding them your milk. The body naturally will keep producing milk so long as it is stimulated. If you continue feeding your baby your milk, your body isn’t going to stop all of a sudden. As a home remedy to stop lactation, try weaning your baby off your milk. Gradually feed them milk less and less, while substituting with other baby foods.  Another home remedy similar to this includes pumping less frequently.

Herbal Teas

Herbal teas can be used for a large variety of home remedies. They can help relax the body, enhance energy, and also aid with digestive health. Of course, it all depends on the tea you are drinking! As a home remedy to stop lactation, try drinking particular teas. Salvia Mellifera is a very common tea to use in the need to stop producing milk. Tea made of sage leaves can also be great, as sage is a natural form of estrogen. This may help greatly in decreasing your milk supply.

Random Remedies

There are a few other random home remedies which may help in the need to stop producing milk. One simply includes keeping yourself busy. If you are running errands, exercising and traveling daily (even if it is just to the store), keeping busy may help. Keeping your body busy will reduce its natural urge to lactate. Another random remedy includes cabbage leaves. Simply wash the leaves, dry them, and place in the refrigerator. After a while wrap them around your breasts, except do not cover the nipples. 

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